About the Barbershop

Our super strong conviction is that visiting a barbershop must never be just about “getting a haircut because I do so every 3 months”. This must be something more than a mere errand. Moreover, we are positive that it must be an experience to remember.

We are absolutely confident that considering all the fuzz and the chaos in our modern lives, there simply must be some place where a man can go to, sit for a nice small talk with other men, drink a glass of fine whiskey and while doing that also get his facial and head hair taken care of.

Probably thanks to our strong traditional values, business principles and the quality of our barbering services we are definitely the number one classic barbershop for men. We hope to offer you an adventure back in time, to the historical period of the 1960s, when the traditional barbershop culture was still alive.

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Bride’s Choice competition

“Best Barber of the Year”


Bride’s Choice competition

“Photographer of the year”


Grand Prize

“Only First Half Competition”


Grand-Prize Winner



I am no picky customer, but other barbershops (especially their barbers) just irritated me. It lasted like that until I’ve found this particular barbershop, where both masters and the setting are top notch!

Walter Presley

When I was looking for someone to offer me a creative haircut, they all were short… But at this place I was able to get a truly unique haircut, the one that made me feel even more awesome about myself than I do normally!
Elvis Mondale

This barbershop is so awesome! The barbers know their trade very nice and thorough, offering me a whole multitude of options of getting a simple haircut! Also, treating their guests with a nice Scottish Whiskey when doing the haircut is a classy, awesome move!
Donald Clinton

Professional equipment I use when doing wedding photography…

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